Отзывы клиентов

Нашими клиентами являются крупнейшие мировые компании, некоторые из которых возглавляют список Fortune 500.
К сожалению, в силу подписанных документов о неразглашении, мы не вправе публиковать информацию о наших ключевых заказчиках, поэтому на нашем сайте представлен лишь очень ограниченный перечень.

“Having a rather clear and well-defined project specification to be implemented, we were looking for a contractor experienced in the particular area to get the job done. Eventually, we ran across FulcrumWeb, which managed to deliver what was required within a smaller time-frame, and even add some extra value to the final product based on their prior experience. I admit they are fast in response and have a rather short problem-to-solution cycle turnover. All in all, choosing FulcrumWeb turned out to be one of our best decisions, because it let both of us benefit greatly from this co-operation and now each of us has a proven partner to rely on.”

Massimiliano Franceschi Credemtel SpA

Credemtel SpA is a part of Credem banking group which has been providing telematic services to the banks and companies since 1989. It was initially created as a technological antenna of the group and has greatly developed over the years offering its services to all other market players as well.

“I would like to offer a letter of reference to the FulcrumWeb team, focused on Microsoft.NET for e-business solution development and integration. It was surprising how quickly they managed to develop enterprise-level software based on .NET technology. Cooperating with this team really helped our project development to move forward. Their daily engagement in system survey, design, implementation and deployment proved to me that with the right people it can be very cost effective and efficient to outsource even very complicated projects”.

Ramin Rownaghi MESH Computers PLC

“Sviluppo Impresa è partner di FulcrumWeb da oltre 6 anni. FulcrumWeb è un preciso punto di riferimento per le nostre strategie aziendali, ed anche oggi, in un contesto negativo dei mercati, ci permette di risparmiare in costi e di ripartire al meglio le nostre risorse. La loro forza, che non ho ritrovato in altre software house è una combinazione unica di caratteristiche quali continua innovazione tecnologica e sviluppo rapido di codice di alta qualità. Abbiamo lavorato con diversi partner nel corso degli anni, ma per i moduli più complessi ho sempre contato sugli ingegneri della FulcrumWeb”

We have been partners with FulcrumWeb for more than 6 years. FulcrumWeb is the cornerstone of our business strategy as in the current negative market environment they allow us to save money and therefore properly allocate resources. Their strength, which I have not seen in other software development shops, is a unique combination of two characteristics: continuous technology innovation and extremely fast development of high quality code. We have used many different partners over the years, and frankly I have always counted on giving most complex modules to FulcrumWeb’s engineers.

Carmine Mattera, CEO ArtenSys Srl

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